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tinker-bellend: which parts of having add do you like having? everything about having it always makes me feel really down about myself. i hope you don't mind me asking :)

I don’t mind at all! Well, I have found I’m more creative when I am off my medication. I like being able to think in a different way. I can sometimes surprise people and that’s pretty cool! But I also think my ADD has effected my personality in ways I may not even know of. I guess I could look at it as a problem and think to myself “what if” I didn’t have to deal with this? Would I be better? But I don’t think that’s healthy. I look at ADD in a similar way that I look at mistakes. It’s not something you can change, so make the most of it and learn from it. Our mistakes come with learning lessons that shape us. I believe ADD is kind of the same way. And strange as it may seem, I am thankful for all of the mistakes I have made… Just as I am thankful for my ADD. I also didn’t know I had it until right before my senior year of high school. It was weird to think that something that contributed to my strengths all through high school was also my weakness. So I was very aware of myself when I found this out. What we deal with is hard because it is a mess of contradictions. And we hope others will understand us when we can barely understand ourselves. But I think we are beautiful messes. That was a long response, I know! But it’s something I think about a lot. It’s understandable that you feel down sometimes, but please don’t let it make you feel bad about yourself or inferior. You are absolutely not alone in this. Sometimes it can just feel that way because ADD is often overlooked as a legitimate disorder. It is very real and something you have the right to be concerned about. I didn’t always know that.

"No artist tolerates reality."
-Friedrich Nietzsche (via rabbitinthemoon)